A Baptist Sings in Tongues: Wimoweh


During our travels in Kenya and Tanzania we saw several lions, always snoozing in the warm African sun. Chapter 79 of Baptist Speaks in Tongues or doesn’t ends with the word Wimoweh. The word comes from the song The Lion Sleeps Tonight reminding me of our stay in Africa. Cindy and I are celebrating our 41st anniversary this weekend.

Swahili is a phonetic language like Spanish. In both of these languages I sang the songs correctly without always knowing the meaning of the words. I have sung in many languages out of tune. What would you do if I sang out of tune?

Like the lion, the zebra was one of my favorite African meats. Wimoweh.

A Baptist Speaks in Your Heart Language

blog#4Your heart language is the language you speak growing up and use every day. I speak and understand 20-21th century Southern English. June 1971, I bought a Good News for Modern Man for thirty-five cents and WOW, the scriptures came alive. I read it from cover to cover in no time (I read other translations cover to cover).

My book editor enjoyed the Woweth (the book contains no cartoons). A Baptist Speaks in Tongues or doesn’t is my memiors about dealing with different languages and slightly bumps on some controversal subjects.

Many years ago I bought my mom a newer translation of the Bible in German. On the mission field I read and taught from the Swahili and Mongolian Bibles because those I taught spoke those languages. I skipped Greek and Hebrew in seminary, so I translated from English to Swahili. Comments welcomed.