A Baptist Speaks About Culture, Again

mogol airCindy with a nursing two month old, another in diapers, plus three more children, jet lag, not knowing one word of Chinese or Mongol, having no one to help us through customs with 22 pieces of luggage, watching adults in suits climbing over our luggage carts in the airport to get in front of us was too much. I didn’t ask the question, I assumed Cindy was there for the adventure.

A Baptist Speaks Fluent Mongolian!

perfect mongolHelen McNeely hosted a weekly television program in Mongolia 1993-4. I entertained with magic for one program in January 1994. I practiced the magic routines in Mongolian, but on the day of the filming, the co-host started asking questions about the magic as it took place which threw me off. So we filmed the show in English and dubbed it into Mongolian which made me to appear to speak fluent Mongolian!

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